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Hidden nature escapes

In London it is very common to find hidden gardens and beautiful parks right in the middle of busy urban areas. This is the case of Holland Park. Situated just off Kensington High Street, it is spread across 54 acres of what used to be the grounds of Cope Castle with a large Jacobean mansion hidden in the woods.

Holland Park hides beautiful gardens, with natural life all around. It also offers activities for locals wanting to help maintain it, keep busy and connect with each other. Many come across it by change and many have known its beauty and peacefulness for ever.

Peaceful retreat

Holland Park is also home to Kyoto Garden, a little retreat designed and built by an eminent Japanese Garden designer and his team to celebrate the Japan Festival in London in 1992. Here you can find a nice little lagoon full of fishes and birds. Visitors are encouraged to take it all in peaceful and calmly.

The northern half or so of the park is semi-wild woodland. The central section around the ruins of Holland House is more formal with several garden areas, and the southernmost section is used for sport.[Wikipedia]. Early mornings and throughout the day on weekend families and children take part in sports activity.

Holland park is always full of people. Everyday people take trolls, exercise or simply walk across the park to take in a little bit of its beauty. During the summer it gets fuller with sunbathers and those seeking a nice spot for a picnic. But unlike other parks, Holland Park never fulls crowded or saturated.

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