How it works
Need a Freelance Copywriter or Content Writer? Here are the six steps we’ll take together to create copy your customers will love.

Here are six little steps of how these things generally work:

1) Have a browse

Explore my website and find the service that you have been searching for.

2) Contact me

You can use the contact me form to get in touch. Send me some basic information about your business or project and ask any questions that you may have.

I will reply within 24 hours to answer your questions and give you a rough idea of costs. If you like what you hear then we can take things further.

We can arrange further discussion by telephone, video call or we can carry on via email. This will be the opportunity to talk about your business/ project, your requirements, deadlines etc.

I will have lots of questions because that is the best way to truly understand your needs, your requirements and how best to write about your product.

3) Quote

After understanding what content you need writing I will send you a quote of how much I will charge.

The quote will take in consideration many factors, including how much research I need to do and roughly how much time it will take me. It will also take into consideration how long the copy will be, but that is not the main factor. My quotes are per project and not necessarily based on word count.

I will let you know from the start what the full cost will be. There will be no additional charges, unless the scope of the project changes significantly.

A project quote includes:
– Research
– Writing the first draft
– Two sets of revisions
– Final proofread

4) Confirmation of project

If you are happy with the quote we will agree the final project brief, price and deadline.

I will also send you a copy of my terms and conditions and you will have to agree to this before I can start any work.

I will ask for a 50% upfront deposit before I start any work. The final 50% balance will be due within 14 days of completion.

5) Creating your content

The creative process may have different stages depending on the size and scope of the project.

There is always some research to be made. Be it getting the information from you or looking deeper into the specific subject. For bigger projects there may be significantly larger amounts of research to be made. Research is very important because it is what will make sure that I get all the details, as well as all the facts and figures right. I will also know and understand your audience better.

The next step is to start the actual writing.

When the first draft is ready I will send it to you.

For larger projects you can request to read some of the text before the first draft is ready and that can be easily arranged.

You will send me feedback on what I have written. Obviously, as this is your product I will expect that you may have constructive criticism and honest commentary.

After receiving your views on the first draft I will produce a second one taking into account all your feedback and comments.

Once you have seen and commented on the second draft I will produce a final draft.

6) Final invoice

When we reach the end of the project the remaining 50% of the fee will be due. I will send you an invoice which will have to be paid within 14 days.